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Phone All App

Che Cos'èWhat is it

With the PhoneAll application call anywhere in the world!

With the PhoneAll Application, Intermatica’s innovative VoIP service, you can make calls and send text messages via the Internet (Wi-Fi or 3G/4G):

  • FREE OF CHARGE - to any other user who has installed the PhoneAll App on their smartphone
  • AT BARGAIN RATES - to the whole world

Once you have downloaded the App to your smartphone, you can call the whole World at extremely advantageous rates with prepaid credit and excellent voice quality.

Download your PhoneAll App, register and call anyone anywhere at absolutely bargain rates!

You can use the PhoneAll App from any smartphone without paying a licence fee, nor activation fees, charges to your SIM or to your telephone bill.
The cost of the call is deducted exclusively from the credit on your PhoneAll account and, if you call a friend of a relative who has the PhoneAll App, your call is FREE!