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Phone All

Phone All App

Come FunzionaHow it works

To use the service all you need to do is:

  1. Download the PhoneAll App FREE OF CHARGE in the Apple Store and Google Play
  2. Run the App
  3. Enter your cellular phone number
  4. Answer the activation call you will receive after a couple of minutes
  5. Buy a charge card and you can immediately start using the PhoneAll App

With the PhoneAll App you can:

  • Call all your contacts on your cellular phone
  • Send text messages
  • Check to see how much credit you have left
  • Send your credit at any time to anyone who has downloaded PhoneAll
  • Know the rates applied to the number you are calling

After installing and activating your PhoneAll application you can call anyone across the world exclusively via Wi-fi or 3G/4G.

If you have an International PhoneAll Card you can use it to top-up your account. Enter the PIN written on the receipt in the section “How to Top-up” dedicated to PhoneAll.

You can transfer your PhoneAll credit to another PhoneAll App user.

The PhoneAll App operates on any smartphone with SIM cards from anywhere in the world!

WARNING: Your may incur additional costs by your telephone operator in case of international roaming or if you do not have a flat-rate internet subscription.

To find out how to top-up your PhoneAll App, refer to the section "How to Top-up".