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Phone All App

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Free of Charge

You can call FREE OF CHARGE with the APP: with a charge card of at least € 5 per year you can freely call and send text messages to all those who, like you, have downloaded the PohoneAll App.

WARNING: to make free calls you need to have at least € 1 residual credit.

Cost of the call per minute and minutes calculated on the basis of a residual credit of € 10,00

Or choose the destination and area code!

Discover how cheap it is to call with the PhoneAll App!

Calls are free from and to PhoneAll applications ! *

PhoneAll Plus

  • Rates per minute
  • NO telephone charge when called party answers
  • Free calls to other PhoneAll applications
  • Free text messages to other PhoneAll applications
  • Credit can be transferred to other PhoneAll applications

* The PhoneAll application can be used exclusively where there is Wi-fi or 3G/4G coverage.
Additional costs may be levied by your phone operator in case of international roaming or if you do not have a flat-rate internet subscription.