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Phone All

Phone All Card - International Phone Card Phone All Card - Carta Telefonica Internazionale

Che Cos'èWhat is it

PhoneAll is the international phone card by Intermatica, sold in all bars, stationery shops, Lotto receiving points affiliated to LIS Holding S.p.A.

The card is distributed through emission of a receipt with a PIN by POS terminals installed in authorised sales points.

The PhoneAll card is a card for all destinations. It is the only one with most convenient charges on the market.

There are no hidden charges: no connection fee and no surcharge.

Access numbers:

  • From 800.580.200 -from fixed, mobile and public;
  • From 02/89720 - from landline and mobile at the cost of a national call (depending on the service rate) for the duration of the conversation. For flat contracts, the call will be free of charge.

Try also Africa, Asia, Europa-USA and Latin America!

  • PhoneAll - Africa
  • PhoneAll - Asia
  • PhoneAll - Europa e USA
  • PhoneAll - Latin America

PhoneAll Africa, Asia, Latina ed Europa/Usa will give you more minutes to the destinations dedicated.

To find the cheapest international card click here and discover PhoneAll rates.

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