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Phone All

Phone All Card - International Phone Card Phone All Card - Carta Telefonica Internazionale

Come FunzionaHow it works

PhoneAll is the new international phone card usable from any phone: public booth, landline and mobile phone.

It is very simple to use:

  1. Dial the toll free number or local number indicated on the receipt .
    Toll free number:
    • 800.580.200 for calls from fixed, mobile and public;
    • 02.89.720 for calls from landline and mobile at the cost of a national call (depending on the service rate) for the duration of the conversation. For flat contracts, the call will be free of charge;
  2. Dial the secret code (PIN) indicated on the receipt;
  3. Dial the phone number you would like to call including the code;

PhoneAll is valid for 90 days from the day of the first call. It charges per minute without connection fee.

For any type of information or technical problem, contact the Customer Service at, from Monday to Friday, from 09.00 to 13.00 and from 14.00 to 18.00 (the maximum charge per call from landline is 15 eurocent per minute VAT inclusive without connection fee; for calls from cellular phones, charges depend on the service provider used).

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