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Phone All Card - International Phone Card Phone All Card - Carta Telefonica Internazionale

Le F.A.Q.Our F.A.Q.

Can I use PhoneAll to call from abroad?

No, the PhoneAll card can only be used from Italy.

Can I use PhoneAll to make calls in Italy?

Yes, you can use PhoneAll international phone card to make calls in Italy at absolutely competitive rates.

What am I issued when I buy PhoneAll at the authorised LIS points of sales?

The receiving point will issue you a receipt from the terminal containig all the information for using the acquired service:
- PIN, that is the number to use in making the phone calls;
- Serial number, that is the number to communicate in case of problems in using the PIN;
- Toll free numbers or geographical numbers for accessing the service

How can I use the credit?

You can use the credit by making calls in the following way:
- Dial the toll free number or geographical number indicated on the receipt;
- Dial the secret code (PIN) indicated on the receipt;
- Dial the phone number you would like to call including the code.

Does PhoneAll expire?

PhoneAll is valid for 90 days from the first call.

How can I verify my remaining credit?

Just follow the normal procedure for making the call and wait for the voice mail to provide information on remaining minutes for calls to that destination. Call PhoneAll Customer Service to find out the remaining credit in euros.

What should I do in case of problems with the service?

Just contact PhoneAll Customer Service by dialling from Monday to Friday, from 09.00 to 13.00 and from 14.00 to 18.00.

Where do I find PhoneAll rates?

The rates are available on this website on the section RATES.

How should I read PhoneAll price list?

The minutes for conversation indicated on PhoneAll prioce list are calculated on the basis of a € 10,00 card. The rates vary depending on the country being called, the type of phone being used to call (landline-mobile) and on the type of option chosen (toll free number or local number).

How do I use the local number (0289720)?”

- Dial the toll free number or geographical number indicated on the receipt;
- Dial the secret code (PIN) indicated on the receipt;
- Dial the phone number you would like to call including the code.

Where do I find toll free numbers and geographical number?

The toll numbers and 2 maingeographical number are indicated on the PhoneAll receipt.

Can I use PhoneAll from any telephone?

Yes, the PhoneAll international calling card can be used from any Italian telephone (phone booth, landline or mobile phones), provided it operates with tone dialling. Some landline carriers do not allow using the Toll Free number printed on the card; in this case contact the Customer Service of your carrier to mention the problem. Alternatively you can always use the local/geographical access number: it is always advisable to use this number (since it offers lower charges) if your telephone plan includes free minutes or unlimited phone calls to the national landline network.

Can I use PhoneAll to call the value-added numbers?

PhoneAll can not be used for calls to Italian and foreign value-added numbers and Emergency numbers.

Can I use the Toll Free number of PhoneAll with a mobile phone of a Foreign Carrier roaming in Italy?

Yes, you can use the Toll Free number, however contrary to what happens when you use an Italian mobile phone, some variable costs may be charged according to the GSM carrier used. Therefore, we suggest to contact your carrier before using PhoneAll with a foreign mobile phone roaming in Italy. Intermatica cannot be held liable for any surcharge applied by foreign carriers.

Can I use PhoneAll to call an Italian mobile phone abroad?

Yes you can, however the persons receiving the roaming call will also be charged by their carriers, as usual.

Come vengono calcolati i minuti a disposizione per il credito che ho acquistato?

La carta PhoneAll configura il credito in base al Numero con il quale si accede al servizio (Numero Verde o numero Geografico), Origine della chiamata (rete fissa o mobile), Operatore d’appartenenza, Paese di destinazione, Rete fissa o mobile del Paese di destinazione.

I minuti a disposizione vengono comunicati appena prima del collegamento al numero chiamato.

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